EtText Documentation (version 2.4)

When HTML and EtText Collide

HTML tags can be used freely throughout an EtText document. However, in some situations, you may wish to preserve whitespace, avoid paragraph tags being added, etc.; to use your own HTML without meddling from EtText, wrap it in an <!--etsafe-->...<!--/etsafe--> tag pair; this will protect it.

Note that text blocks wrapped in <pre>, <listing> and <xmp> tags are automatically protected in this way; the <!--etsafe--> tag pair is not required.

EtText adds two entities, &etsqi; and &etsqo;. These represent [ and ] respectively, and are used to protect a square-bracketed piece of text from being interpreted as a link URL (see Link Markup below).

If this is insufficient, and you're using WebMake, the <safe> tag will escape any type of code to protect it from interpretation by WebMake, EtText or HTML.

EtText Documentation (version 2.4)